The best kind of wood to make a altar

The worship of ancestors has become the beauty of Vietnamese people and especially to show respect to people who have passed away, Vietnamese people often choose beautiful altars made from precious and durable wood materials to use for a long time. However, when selecting wood to create an altar with the best level, it is also essential to focus on wood.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho bàn thờ gỗ mít


The types of timber should choose to the altar

The altar is considered to be the spiritual connection between the invisible world with the earthly people, between ancestors and descendants, and it is always placed in the most solemn place in the house. Therefore, the material for making altars from the past has been carefully selected, for example, you have to choose the right kind of wood to meet the need of precious timber, fragrant, durable, long-term use. In particular, the top of the table is Jacquier, more expensive is Basswood. These two types of wood ensure durability for hundreds of years.

The old people said that Jackfruit trees are always different and more useful than other plants: Jackfruit grows from the body, this symbolizes proliferation and prosperity. Jackfruit wooden altar shows the abundance, wealth, development.
Jackfruit trees are easy to grow and grow even in gravel and barren soils, which means you will have the stout will to overcome all difficult situations.

Jacquier in any region has. With advantages over other types of wood, it is light, easy to find, easy to produce, easy to engrave, easy to hang, durable. Notably, the nature of Jacquier is stable, wood surface is smooth, fragrant, not a termite, less warping. The Jacquier used for a long time will turn into a dark red; it looks very ancient and sacred.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cây mít

The wood is fragrant and not have the termite.

As we know, wood has a lot of aromatic smell, Narra Padauk is also a unique scented wood. However, it was never used to close the altar because it was prone to warping and cracking. Folk culture researcher Le Quang Khang said: The ancient worship objects are often made of jackfruit wood because the wood had fragrant and had no termite, jackfruit trees are a symbol of wealth. Also, jackfruit trees also represent abundant growth and development.

Jacquier is not only light but also flexible; it has quite stable physical properties, no termite, little warping and the wood surface is smooth … The ancient and exact altar is usually closed with pure wood, avoid pairing two pieces of wood into one because this is the taboo thing.

Easy to find and popular

Jacquier is effortlessly to occur because many jackfruit trees are located in rural areas in Vietnam. Even, there are houses planted Jacquier in gardens with a large area to collect both fruits and get timber. Every family in the countryside almost use the altar. The altar in the rural area is almost like any family, of course, to save the family economy, they will use the plants available in the garden to close the altar.

Easy to carve and chisel

According to the artisans, from the past to present, the altar always uses woods to complete such as Jacquier, Menghundor and Brownlowia Denysiana Pierre wood are all the best, easily chiseled, carved stations, rarely warp while the durable can be up to 200 years.

The notes are significant and necessary when making the altar.

You should choose 100% solid wood and no cracking, no warping, absolutely no use of used lumber.

Also, when choosing wood as an altar, it is also essential to use clean, a wooden plate and especially avoid pairing two pieces of wood as one.

The distinction of wood to create altars is difficult because after producing finished products that are carefully painted, even workers are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, it is best to place wood at the base that specializes in the production of altars, worshiping objects following the right wood category, size, and sophisticated carving. It is recommended to select and check wood from carpentry workshops, and then place orders to avoid buying wood that has termite, cracked, split or broken. Paint for the altar also uses the right color. Besides, the use of hanging altars also needs to pay attention to the way when hanging platform. You should hire a worker to close the altar because they will use the drill presses such as the best Makita drill, best DeWalt drill for work, this will be safe, and the platform can be balanced when hanging on a high area

A proper altar should abide by the rules of worship so that the worshiping space is always solemn, revered and aesthetically beautiful, both cultural, artistic and spiritual depth. It is also the pride of descendants with ancestors.

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