Taboo when hanging woods carved paintings

Hanging too many feng shui paintings in the living room of the house: In terms of feng shui, hanging too many woods carved pictures in the living space will cause feng shui to be disturbed and prevent animation flow. In terms of aesthetics, hanging too many woods carved paintings will create a sense of visual complexity and loss of aesthetics for the house. Before buying feng shui art, the owner of the house needs to remember the principle of not changing ”Less is rare, rare is luxury,” this will help feng shui paintings in the house become valuable and create space luxury for the home.

Do not deliberately use beautiful woods carved paintings to hide the shortcomings of the wall: One thing that any paintings player is confused to hang wood sculptures in a rough, moldy position. It is not recommended because they will make your home lose balance. If the house is not flat, moldy, you can use wallpaper to support.

Should not hang pictures in places directly affected by sunlight or too high humidity: Beautiful paintings are beautifully sculpted with the best level, “Everlasting with time” in the best conditions. Direct sunlight conditions or high humidity will reduce the life of the painting.

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Things to do before hanging woods carved paintings.

Creating a balance in the art space and living space: using woods carved paintings with dimensions not exceeding 1/3 of the size of walls.

Creating a flexible layout in space: The height is reasonable to hang the picture is the same level as the eyes of the viewer. For walls with a height of about 3 meters, the ideal distance from the floor is about 1.55 meters. When hanging pictures above the sofa in the living room, the perfect length is a hand from the top of the chair to the foot of the painting.

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Should hang woods carved paintings in the living room: The living room is where the family’s activities and is the center of the house. Therefore, hanging pictures with feng shui meaning like Tu Quy paintings will attract good luck to the family or hang wood paintings with great mascot the Dragon – the Qilin- the Turtle- the Phoenix will help homeowners prevent bad air currents, protect peace for family members.

Should hang pictures suitable for homeowners destiny, you can go here to see how to Choosing feng shui paintings according to 12 animal designations. Also, hanging beautiful feng shui paintings in the house should follow the Five Elements rule to bring the best feng shui meaning like:

Should pay attention to the direction of the picture: The ideal course to hang wood paintings is the North, Northeast, East. Each side symbolizes the homeowner’s health, career, and luck. Therefore, homeowners need to choose pictures that match the direction of the house to be lucky and prosperous.

North of the house symbolizes the career and success of the owner. It is recommended to hang paintings belonging to the waterway such as carp wood paintings, landscape paintings to support the public road.

Northeastern part of the Earth should hang paintings have eight horse, and big pictures successfully helped money to water and career advancement.

East represents health and life. East belongs to feng shui earth element and is the most suitable direction to hang landscape wood paintings. Tu Quy’s wood paintings for feng shui wood element, it brings good luck to family members.

Attention to the location before hanging woods carved paintings is extremely necessary because of the feng shui meaning that brings luck and prosperity to homeowners and family members. In terms of aesthetic meaning, it beautifies your living space.

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