Spring cleaning

Finally. I have found and come to a place of peace and happiness. No stress. No drama. There’s nothing but peace, contentment, and happiness. I have,
cleaned out things in every area of my life, and chose to cut out negative people out of my life. It feels good being free from people who were just really unhealthy for me (both emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). It feels good. REALLY good. I feel good in every way. I no longer have the stress of having certain people weighing me down, belittling me, and causing un-needed stress and drama for me. It feels really good when you know you have followed your heart, and made the right decisions for yourself and for your well being.

This past weekend was perfect. I have the most amazing people in my life, and I love who I am. I have the most amazing boyfriend, and I love being with him. He just really makes me feel special in every way. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Today, I cleaned out EVERYTHING. I cleaned the apartment top to bottom, and it feels great! Work was VERY busy with back to back calls, but I got all of the cleaning done. It feels good. It feels completed. It feels amazing getting rid of old things, un-needed things, things of the past, are no longer valid (both internally, spiritually, and emotionally) It feels great letting it all go.

This past weekend, we had alot of sleet, wind, and snow. This week, it looks like we are in the clear from the winter weather. I am SO excited for warm weather. I can’t wait to open up the windows, and feel the warm breezes flow through and breathe it all in.

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