Easter weekend

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Benny and I came to our hometown today, and visited with my dad and his girlfriend. We are now, at Benny’s parents house, spending time with his family. I really love spending time with his family and being out in the countryside. I love the serenity of the countryside.
Tomorrow, we are having a wonderful Easter dinner with his family. This last week was really peaceful and wonderful. I have learned alot in the last two weeks (for this year).

I have learned First and foremost…..

You can’t trust anbody. No matter what. The only person that I can trust is God. I pretty much abandoned my livejournal because of this reason. I always believed in “friends forever” but that itself is pretty rare these days. I believe and trust that God will bless me with the right friends to have (weather they believe in God or not).

Second, I have learned to not rely on emotions and feelings. Emotions and feelings are VERY carnal and fickle. Emotions are unreliable and twisted. I have learned to listen to my heart deep inside, and I have learned to listen to God’s spirit inside my heart . I have also learned that the heart itself, will always be my guide.

Third, I am humbled and deeply thankful for all the amazing, special, wonderful people who I have in my life.
I have people in my life, (around me right now) and hearing them conversing back and forth in conversation amongst each other, makes me feel really blessed. The people I have in my life now, are people who matter, and people who truly care for me. People who love me unconditionally and accept me for who I am. That’s all that matters me to me.

I have the most amazing boyfriend who loves me unconditonally. I am madly, deeply, obessively in love with him. I fall more and more in love with him everyday and every solitary second. He recently started a new work schedule this past week, and he is working longer hours. It kinda sucks, but its also nice because we have learned to appreciate each other, and our time together. He is amazing. He is the sweetest, sensitive, humble, man. I can’t wait to marry him and be with him forever. Forever to infiniity & beyond is in our future.

Things have been so perfect. I give God the credit for that though. I am really happy and I’m at a place where I’m not expecting anything bad to happen. I feel content, satisfied, strong, and secure. I’m expecting favor, peace, and happiness in our future. Things will keep getting better and better. :heart:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend! Remember, Easter isn’t about bunnies, chicks, and easter eggs. Its all about Jesus. He is alive and well today. He died for our sins, (so we can have a relationship with HIM) He rose again on Easter morning. People can believe in a “GOD” or a religion, but believing in Jesus IS about having a personal relationship with HIM; not because He is a “belief” or “religious figure”. HE has RISEN!!!!

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